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Engineered Lighting Solutions prides itself on its ability to create both unique and custom designs, combining the best of products and most original installation methods to transcend the traditional restraints of form and function.

Our access to a broad range of manufacturers allows us to create a lighting package within your budget, without sacrificing aesthetics or design. For truly unique installations, engineered lighting solutions is qualified to create one of a kind custom fixtures for your project, complete with Canadian Electrical Code and the CSA Model Code certification. In many cases our manufacturer relationships also allow us to manipulate existing fixture designs and customize both colour and accessories. Engineered Lighting Solutions is especially involved in transforming the use of lighting into an architectural element, whether it be recessed extrusions, prefabricated knife-edge coves, back-lit stone, etc. contact us to begin the design process for your next project. It is never too early or too late to start thinking about lighting.

Engineered Lighting Solutions’ engineering and design team is well versed in the technical abilities and restrictions of the products we specify, with special attention to regional and national building and electrical code, as well as insight into fixture requirements for integration with lighting control systems and specialized dimming.

Each project receives a systematic design analysis to ensure lighting levels achieve the engineered or desired specifications. Engineered Lighting Solutions conducts simulations and lighting calculations for every project, as well as incorporating the latest methods and specifications to maximize energy efficiency. Such methods include incorporating a lighting control system into the design compatible with the specified lighting package, or managing application and approval processes for projects eligible for Ontario Retrofit programs.

Engineered Lighting Solutions understands the importance and sensitivity of a construction schedule and works in union with contractors, designers, architects, and developers alike to ensure scheduled deliveries arrive on time and that our lighting package schedules and labelling systems alleviate site confusion.

Engineered Lighting Solutions will work directly with the purchaser (developer or contractor) and coordinate all deliveries reflective of the construction schedule and site progress. We will provide estimated manufacturing and delivery times for each fixture upon commencement of a project in order to best coordinate fixture release with the purchaser. Technical issues, on-site installation instruction requests, and manufacturer defects are supported by Engineered Lighting Solutions.

Engineered Lighting Solutions offers a full range of custom lighting fabrication services for specialty projects or one of a kind fixtures.

From custom original designs and in house engineering to metal fabrication and led assemblies, there are limitless possibilities for what we can create.

Notably, Engineered Lighting Solutions specializes in custom bronze & brass fixture fabrication & project specific patinas.

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